I design concepts, solutions, websites and workshops that answer to your goals and customers needs.

My name is Henrik and I am a Digital Designer based in Oslo, Norway. With extensive experience as a designer I've tackled complex challenges for many different clients such as Montel News, IF Insurance, Equinor, Sentralregisteret, Thales, Statens Vegvesen, Yara, Forbrukerrådet and now finn.no.

I gather insights, facilitate workshops, user test, prototype solutions, and develop. Every project is different and I adjust the activities according to your needs and to the complexity of the problem.

I. What I can do for you

A user journey blueprint mapping.


I analyze, synthesize, and visualize existing insights, as well as uncover new ones. Before designing anything we need to have a comprehensive understanding of your challenge. This foundation is crucial in order to craft a product that resonates with users and delivers desired results.
Henrik facilitating a workshop

Workshop facilitation

I utilize workshops to align teams, set goals, tackle challenges, and generate ideas. By assembling a multidisciplinary team we ensure a broad perspective from all business areas and guaranteeing a successful solution. My workshops are efficient, demanding, highly productive and most importantly, fun!
Construction worker interacting with a prototype on an iPhone.

User testing

I test solutions on users for rapid feedback, incorporating insights for refining the design. I'll also seek your feedback to ensure alignment every step of the way.
A design mockup/wireframe from Figma.


Prototyping the design before developing the website or solution is crucial. I will share the design with you early and often to see if we are on track and aligned on the visual design and interactions.
Image of Webflow and its different tools.


When we are happy with the design we start building the real thing. I mostly use Webflow for building websites. Webflow is a no-code platform but with all the visual flexibility to build your unique website.


I offer courses in a variety of subjects, including workshop facilitation, prototyping, insights gathering, user testing, and product design. My courses combine theory with a emphasis on interactive exercises and learning by doing.

II. Articles

February 7, 2024

Guerrilla testing in Product Design

A fun, cost-effective, and insightful approach to product testing
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January 5, 2024

Energizers Tailored for Virtual Sessions

Discover engaging energizers specifically designed for the virtual environment – keeping participants active and connected, even through a screen.
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January 4, 2024

A Guide to Personal Diary Writing

Explore the power of journalling to improve your performance, focus and well-being.
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III. Selected projects

London Pub & Club (2024)

Established in 1979, London Pub has earned its reputation as the most popular LGBTQ+ venue in Norway.

London Pub approached me to refresh their branding and a new responsive website. Additionally, they needed a new logo for their new club concept, "London Club". The new website is live but the project is still ongoing – new video and photos social media templates are coming.

Thales website (2023)

Thales Group, a prominent French company specializing in defense and electronics, operates on a global scale, providing crucial products and services in defense, aviation, transport, and security systems. The challenge at hand for Thales was finding a fresh approach to showcase their products  and effectively communicate the functionalities and applications of each. Together we created an engaging interactive experience, complete with videos and in-depth information, allowing users to explore and understand the full potential of every product.

Website for the Berlin Seminar (2023)

The Berlin Seminar caters to politicians, journalists, and social scientists, offering a platform for in-depth discussions on European politics. They needed a new website to display their new identity as well as provide detailed information about the seminar, including the program, pricing details, and a seamless registration process. I co-created the UX on the website with a visual designer, the development in Webflow was done by me.

New website for Trykkeriet Scene (2023)

Trykkeriet Scene is a fairly new theater in Trondheim that offers a wide range of entertainment, from improv theater to clubbing. They also allow for bookings for events like company gatherings and weddings. They got in touch with me to help them set up a website where they can share who they are, what they do, their upcoming events, and where people can inquire about booking their space. I took on the task and successfully designed and developed the solution for Trykkeriet.

New website for Halogen (2021)

Halogen is one of Norway's biggest design agencies, boasting around 80 dedicated employees. They were in need of a fresh visual identity, a distinctive illustration style, and an updated website that effectively communicates their essence and services. Henrik took charge of both prototyping and developing the website for Halogen. He also conducted training sessions for the team, ensuring they could confidently manage and update the website content on their own.